Storage is an important part of our logistics services. Our warehouse facilities are equipped with the latest storage technology and meet the strictest criteria for warehouse management. We have warehouses in the middle of Europe, close to major transport hubs and in cooperation with Hitachi Transport System also in Western European countries, including key seaports and other non-European countries. We stock standard and non-standard pallets packaged goods including chilled modes. Operate a customs warehouse. We provide storage services from consolidation pallet shipments to the processing of high-volume orders.

We provide maintenance and repair of trucks and buses, diagnostics, spare parts for sale, expert advice and qualified personnel.

We provide at our branch in Partizánske. Using modern diagnostic techniques and trained personnel we provide:

  • Service inspections – changes of oils, filters, fluids
  • Ordinary repair and replacement – axles, exhaust, timing and alternator belts and accessories, shock absorbers, clutches and accessories, cuffs management …
  • Vehicle Diagnosis – identification of defects (for all passenger cars, vans and trucks)
  • Automotive, Electronics – repair, installation of door locks, car alarms, pagers
  • Geometry of the axles – check, adjust
  • Headlights – check, adjust, exchange
  • Brakes – Check the brake tester, setup, repairs, exchanges
  • Tire – balancing, tire change, tire repair, storage of tires and wheels
  • Windscreens – Exchange
  • Towing equipment – certified installation, repair
  • Motors – overhaul, setting

In our branch in Partizánske we provide MOT control quickly, competently and all in one area.

Our customs declaration office in Topoľčany provides complete services related to customs procedures of goods.

We provide touchless cleaning for cars with active foam at our branch in Partizánske.

In Topoľčany and also in our branch in Partizánske we offer parking areas monitored by CCTV and a concierge available 24 hours 7 days a week.


Warehouse logistics

Our logistics TOP BUSINESS PARK has a place for goods from 300 fully loaded trucks,
2,000 square meters of retail space and excellent transport connections.


Service Center

We offer car/van/truck service and diagnostics with the same precision what indulge our own fleet.

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